The pond attracts a lot of birds. We are not serious bird watchers in a sense that we are not overly concerned with identifying and tallying how many species visit the garden and how often they do. But we love having the birds in the garden. Starting at dawn, it is wonderful to be awaken by a birds concert. That's why we named the garden Dawn Chorus. Later in the day we just enjoy watching them. The lesser goldfinches and the hummingbirds like the water that's coming down from the waterfall. All other birds will wade into the pond to get a drink and take a bath.

Baby Doves The first nest of the year is built by the doves on the orange tree. They had two chicks and we follow their progress until the chicks leave the nest. The chicks hang around the garden a while before they can fly. We're sure they are back in the garden, we just have no way of identifying they are the ones that grew up in the orange tree.
Baby Towhee We don't know where the California towhees build their nest. We first spot this little guy as a fledgling following Mommy and Daddy around the garden. They take him to every nook and corner to teach him how to find food. We watch this little guy learn how to fly a bit further and a bit higher everyday. He reaches the fence after about two weeks.
Ducks These are very special visitors. They have only come once before. They must be looking for a place to raise their young. They thoroughly investigate the garden and the pond. We are so excited at the thought of ducklings in the pond but we also breathe a sigh of relief because they make a big mess in the pond, digging up every pot and leaving plenty of presents.