Mojo and ManjaroMojo and Manjaro are siblings lynx point kitties. We adopted them from the Santa Clara Humane Society and they came to reign at Duncodin Cottage on the palindromic day of 10/11/01.

Mojo was named Footus Stuckimus because he didn't know how to retract his claws (he still doesn't) and he constantly got stuck on the rugs, the sofa, the sheets, the curtains ...

I named Manjaro after mount Kili Manjaro. She is a climber and sometimes she doesn't have a lot of sense about where to climb. That's why she is Nosensa Climba. She is very clever and most of time Mojo doesn't know where she is. She just jumps on him out of no where. She really likes to help David remodel the house.

And for those of you who speak Vietnamese, Pharquar is how David says "pha' qua'!" :-)

We keep them totally indoors and their favorite past time is to look out the window. We think it's safer for them and safer for the birds as well. The commands they know are: sit, say hi, jump, in, and out. Mojo does it for the reward. Manjaro is very quick to learn but sometimes, she's not even interested in the reward.