This is the backsplash in the kitchen. Every square is a painted ceramic tile. David only has two requirements: it should have a trout and there should not be any white in the background. The rest is left to my creativity. I just put it my favorite elements in the garden and of course, there is a rainbow behind the trout.

I have chosen yellow tiles for the kitchen. It turns out that the tiles are made in Italy and they are 10 cm x 10 cm. We called all around the country and nowhere in the U.S. could be we buy unglazed 4 x 4 inch ceramic tiles. David had to get 4.25 x 4.25 inch tiles and cut each one down to 4 x 4 inch! It took David two whole days to do it. It took me about 40 hours to paint them.

We scanned the tiles 4 at a time and used Microsoft Picture It! Photo Premium 9 to paste them together. All the tiles are of the same size. Imperfections in the image are due to the scanner's inaccuracy.