David came up with the name of Duncodin Cottage for our home. It is a very British name and it is also a play on words. Duncodin Cottage is where we spend time after we are "done coding" whether it's at the end of the day or at the end of our career. We are both artistically inclined and our goal is to spend more time with our art, be in touch with our innermost feelings, and live in harmony with our surroundings. As you visit the various pages on this site we hope to share with you how special Duncodin Cottage is. Thank you and visit us again soon.


The Cottage

Duncodin Cottage is a very special place
Meant to escape the hustle bustle rat race
All too common at the heart of Silicon Valley
It’s a place where life is simple, the pace leisurely
Bread is baked from scratch weekly
Quality takes precedence over quantity
All year round something that grows in the garden
Serves as ingredients in the kitchen
We are not concerned with material possessions
Our wealth lies in love and happy emotions
Blessings of friendship far and near
A profound respect for nature we hold dear
Guiding our lives is the beacon of our art
Everything we do is from the bottom of our heart